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Where it all Began

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I'm often asked how I learned to do encaustic artwork and what drew me to this medium.

I think it fits to begin this blog by telling how I started this journey as an encaustic mixed media artist.

I first read about painting with wax in a mixed media book and put a starter kit on my Christmas wishlist. Once I received the encaustic paints I kept them in a drawer for a while (like over a year). Let's just say the process of creating intimidated me. More on that in a later post.

As someone who needs to express herself through art, a time came in which no other language of expression would suffice. Personal and familial struggles pushed me to a point where I needed some way to get my feelings out. I set up a little studio space consisting of a table, and a few basic supplies, and pulled that beginner set out of storage. This creative space provided a save place for me to process grief, turmoil, and lament. It became a place of prayer and meditation as I brought my troubles to the Lord.

The pictured work above, "Tossed", is the first encaustic piece that I completed. I started with the tumultuous waves, tossing and turning. Then the heart emerged. In that season I felt overwhelmed and tossed about by all that was going on around me and within me.

Once I started using this medium of art, I awakened to the need to create and poured myself into art. I let go of perfectionism and began to play, learn, and have fun in the process of creating.

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"I let go of perfectionism and began to play, learn, and have fun..." I resonate with this testimonial statement. I called myself a 'recovering perfectionist' for many years... And then I was diagnosed with anxiety... God invited me into REST... and then he invited me to learn to play, again, as his beloved child - safe in his love. Now we're moving from play into acceptance of celebration... It's a process. =)

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